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Your War Rank or War Score is determined by points that are gathered after capturing and holding a flag. As your war rank increases more and more upgrades become available at the citadel. The War Rank is shared by an entire team.

The War Rank is an important aspect of the game. It can change the balance of the game simply by unlocking more upgrades for purchase from the citadel. It can also automatically unlock some upgrades without purchase (such as the Archers reinforcement).

Generation and effects[]

Controlled flags generate War Score for a team.

  • If team kills a hero - they get 1 * level points.
  • If team control more than 60% of flags - war score generation multiplied by 1.5
  • If team control more than 75% - war score generation multiplied by 2


To gain a rank in War Score, you have to gain a certain amount of points.

  • Fast - 720 points/rank
  • Normal - 810 points/rank
  • Slow - 960 points/rank