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Venom Spit
Putrid Flow

Venom Spit is one of the Unclean Beast's signature moves. The Unclean Beast spits poison at its target, dealing it damage over time. The highlight of this skill is an excellent damage/mana ratio, high range, and low cool-down. Venom Spit never misses. If an opposing demigod takes what would be mortal damage from Venom Spit, he will actually have little chance to survive it: If it stops to use a potion or teleport scroll, the Unclean Beast will chase it down and kill him.

At level 15, the Unclean Beast can upgrade Venom Spit with Putrid Flow, which leaves a toxic pool around Venom Spit's point of impact, dealing Area of Damage over Time. This skill is excellent against buildings.


Spews a corrosive venom at its target, dealing initial damage and an additional damage over time every second.
  • 0.3 second cast
  • 15 yard range
  • 7 second cooldown
Level Name Mana Cost Initial Damage Damage over time Duration
1 Venom Spit I 500 50 450 10
4 Venom Spit II 650 80 800 10
7 Venom Spit III 800 115 1150 10
10 Venom Spit IV 950 150 1500 10
15 Putrid Flow Passive - When venom Spit lands, it leaves a toxic pool around the victim, dealing 500 damage over 5 seconds. +500 5

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