Demigod Wiki

Towers of Light[]

Towers of Light are structures that protect your Citadel from enemy demigods and reinforcements. They cause damage by firing beams of light. Even though there is a graphic that makes towers appear that they are "chaining" from nearby towers, there is no change in damage regardless of the number of towers nearby. Each map has a equal number of light and dark towers, although the Rook can create weaker versions of his team's towers.

  • HP 5400

Archer Tower[]

Archer Towers are smaller versions of regular towers that fire arrows instead of light beams. Archer Towers are generally more dangerous than regular towers due to the fact that they can fire arrows continuously, while Towers of Light have a short recharge time between shots. Archer Towers, however, have less health making them easier to destroy. Arrows have a larger attack radius than normal towers.

  • HP 3000


Forts are a much more powerful version of the Archer Tower. They have more health than a Tower of Light or Archer Tower, and can fire arrows from all sides, allowing them to hit multiple enemies simultaneously. Citadel Upgrades allows trebuchets to be constructed on top of the fort, greatly increasing its firepower. The Fortress game type requires players to destroy a set number of the enemy team's forts in order to win.

  • HP 10000
    • 15000 on Fortress