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Torch Bearer
Torch Bearer
Ranged Assassin who uses fire and ice magic.
Health & Armor



Strong damage with fire magic
Stun and weaken enemies with frost magic


Available spells limited by mode

Play Style[]

A wizard-type assassin demigod. He has two modes he can switch between: Ice, which is centered around crowd control, and Fire, which is centered around damage dealing. While the Fire & Ice level 15 skill allows for some synergy, the Torchbearer wastes precious seconds if he has to constantly switch modes mid-fight. Since he must continue to level up his skills so that they remain relevant as the game progresses, and enemies become tougher, the Torchbearer is typically bottle-necked into using only a handful of his spells.

The Torchbearer is quite fragile and must depend on his range to fight from a safe distance, lest he be overpowered.

Fire and Ice[]

One of the Torchbearer's level 15 skills is called fire and ice. It is a large damage boost to both deep freeze and fireball, but it requires the aforementioned skills to be fully leveled up. Though some may choose to play a fire-focused Torchbearer, or an ice-focused Torchbearer, by utilizing the quick switch from fire to ice and the ability fire and ice one may create a powerful dual-element Torchbearer. Through fire and ice Torchbearer is granted two 1350 direct damage attacks (deep freeze with biting chill and frost nova, and fireball) along with the 800 from rain of ice and the stun from frost nova. The end result is a build that gives fire the control it lacks and gives ice the damage it lacks.


Main article: Torch Bearer Skills
Torch Bearer Skill Tree

Torch Bearer Skill Tree


When not immolated, the Torchbearer is granted access to an array of crowd control abilities

NewTorchBearFrostNova01 Frost Nova: Self Targeted AoE that stuns enemies

NewTorchBearRainofIce01 Rain of Ice: AoE that does damage based on rank and slows the attack speed of the affected enemies

NewTorchBearColdClarity01 Biting Chill: Rain of Ice adds a debuff to its victims which drastically lowers their health and mana regeneration. Note, this debuff can be consumed by Deep Freeze for additional damage.

NewTorchBearFreezeStructure01 Deep Freeze: Interrupts target, increases his cooldowns and consumes debuffs from other ice abilities to inflict damage upon the target.

Relive the Immolation Relive the Immolation: Switches Torch Bearer over to his Fire skills.


When immolated, the Torchbearer is granted access to an array of area-of-effect and direct damage spells

NewTorchBearFireball01 Fireball: Single Target damage spell that does high damage.

NewTorchBearFireNova01 Fire Nova: Self Targeted AoE that damages and throws small units.

NewTorchBearRingofFire01 Circle of Fire: Does damage over a set amount of time around the Torch Bearer.

NewTorchBearInspirationalFlame01 Inspirational Flame: Grants a 15% bonus to your mana pool and increases mana regeneration by 200%

Frozen Heart Frozen Heart: Switches Torch Bearer over to his Frost skills.


NewTorchBearFrostAura01 Permafrost: Slows enemies' attack and movement speed around the Torch Bearer when non-immolated. Later levels add mana regeneration.

NewTorchBearFireAura01 Fire Aura: When immolated, allied units gain attack and movement speed. Later levels add damage to Torch Bearer's attacks.

NewTorchBearFireandIce01 Fire and Ice: This skill requires that both Deep Freeze and Fireball are fully ranked up. It increases both of their damage significantly.

Enhanced Attributes Enhanced Attributes: Improves attributes of the Torchbearer.


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Hybrid Torch Bearer (Guide)

This guide advises on how to play an effective Torch Bearer using both Fire and Ice skills. It provides two builds with a common base set of skills, allowing for flexibility during the game.

The Immolation (Guide)[]

A Torch Bearer guide built around his fire skills.


  • On death, he has 2 possible actions:
    • Tomb Of Ice - 25% Movement speed for 6 seconds.
    • Fire Death - 200 Damage to enemies in a range of 10


Award Requirements
Torch Bearer the Initiate Win a game.
Torch Bearer the Veteran Win 25 games.
Torch Bearer the Master Win 250 games.
Torch Bearer the Ascendant Win the SP tournament.
Torch Bearer the Butcher Kill 50 Demigods.
Torch Bearer the Slayer Kill 500 Demigods.
Torch Bearer the Annihilator Kill 5000 Demigods.
Torch Bearer the Underdog Kill a Demigod 10 levels above you.
Torch Bearer the Bully Kill a Demigod 10 levels below you.
Torch Bearer the Exterminator Kill 25 Demigods in a single game.
Torch Bearer the Manhandler Deal 750,000 points of damage in a single game.
Torch Bearer the Almighty Reach level 20.
Torch Bearer the Tourist Win a game on every map.
Torch Bearer the Millionaire Earn 1,000,000 gold.
Torch Bearer the Shopper Buy 1000 items.
Torch Bearer the Patriot Capture 1000 flags.
Heat Attack Kill 100 Demigods while in fire mode.
Do I smell bacon? Burn 7,500 enemies to death with Circle of Fire.
Hail Damage Pelt your enemies for 1,500,000 points of damages with Rain of Ice.
Cremator Kill 15 Demigods with Fireball in a single game.
Snow Cone Kill 100 Demigods while in frost mode.

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