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Tactic can only be used with Unclean Beast


This guide shows how to use Unclean Beast's skill to kill other Demigods in less then 5 seconds. This tactic is really weak at the beggining but in the end you will be the strongest Demigod during the round. And remember, this guide it' s strong against the Rook.

Character's Skill[]

This Guide shows you how to use correctly Unclean Beast's skill points. Pay attention and follow the steps below:

Character's Item[]

This are the Items you should buy for Unclean Beast in order to use this strategy:

How to use the Strategy[]

First of all this is a really difficult tactic to use. In the beggining you may be more weak than your teammates but when you shall buy the Main Items you may go directly to your enemy base and wait there for the enemy. About the Active Skills , when you are fighting a Demigod you should follow this steps:

  • First use Venom Spit so you may kill the Demigod even if he sscapes.
  • Then use Inner Beast to kill him in less then 5 seconds.
  • And if you go low on health use Foul Grasp.

This strategy will kill the enemy demigods even if they are near aCrystal of Health in less then 5 seconds. And believe me you can reach more than 25 kills streak.