Demigod Wiki

Demigod has multiple terms and phrases that refer to specific aspects of gameplay.

Activation Time[]

Activation Time refers to the time lag between a skill's time of use and the launching of the skill itself. More powerful skills usually have a longer Activation Time, and Demigods such as the Rook have a naturally high Activation Time for their skills due to their bulky stature.

Area of Effect[]

Area of Effect, or AoE, refers to damage that affects all enemies within a certain radius, instead of one specific target. Skills with AoE usually cause less damage than those that cause direct damage, but are much more effective at crowd control. The Unclean Beast's Putrid Flow and the Torch Bearer's Frost Nova are examples of skills that cause AoE.

Damage over Time[]

Damage over Time, or DoT refers to damage that is caused continuously as time passes, rather than directly. Skills with DoT, such as Venom Spit, are capable of killing enemies after the battle has ended, allowing the Demigod to launch the attack and run away.

Damage Per Second[]

Damage Per Second, or DPS, refers to the amount of damage an enemy can inflict every second. The amount of DPS caused depends on attack speed and weapon damage, as well as the base damage of the attack itself.