Demigod Wiki

General information[]

You can access the Demigod sound files located in Demigod\sounds. In here are the files:

  • Demigod_Bank01.fsb
  • Demigod_Streaming.fsb
  • Forge.fev
  • VO.fsb

The FSB files hold the actual sound data.

The FEV file is what joins them all into one big thing with different settings. It does all of the management.

Software needed for creating and viewing FSB and FEV files[]

FMOD Designer (version 4.17.03)

Viewing the FSB and FEV files[]

  1. Lets open up the FMOD Event Player (under Start->All Programs->FMod SoundSystem->FMod Designer->FMOD Event Player).

    Step 1

  2. You now get a window as shown in the Step 2 image.

    Step 2

  3. Go to File->Load Projects.

    Step 3

  4. Go to your Demigod folder and then the sounds folder within that. Open up Forge.fev.

    Step 4

  5. The main window will be divided into sections, with Event Hierarchy being on the left. This window will have an icon with the name of the FEV file's title. You can drop this down and search through the subcategories until you find what you want. For an example, lets take something from the Torchbearer's Character file: Move = { Sound = 'Forge/VO/Torch_Bearer/snd_VO_TB_move_order_frostmode',}, The sound file that it is pointing to is located here, so we can find it easily.

    Step 5

  6. Double-clicking on it will play the sound file. If you click on Sound stage tab and then play a file, it will show where the sound is virtually 'coming from'. Using Create position on the right will let you hear it from random or fixed positions.

    Step 6