Demigod Wiki


Demigods are talented people. They can do many, many things that ordinary people can't, from summoning and directing fire to healing the wounds of others. These special abilities are called Skills.

Every Demigod has access to a large number of unique skills, arranged in a Skill Tree. A Demigod gains 1 Skill Point everytime they gain a level along with an initial free point at the start of the game. All skills cost only a single point, however many are unable to be purchased until the Demigod has reached a required level.

There are 3 types of skills - Active, Passive, and Mode. Every Demigod has access to 4 to 6 Active skills, as well as a variety of passive skills.


Active skills allow the player to perform a special action at the cost of the Demigod's mana. These skills often require a target (either a unit or a location, depending on the skill). While the effects of Active skills vary by individual skill, they all require the player to actively use them - they do nothing until the player tells them to.

Examples include Lord Erebus' Bite and Bat Swarm, Queen of Thorns' Ground Spikes.


Passive skills are always active, generally improving the Demigod's or their minions' statistics. These skills normally cost no mana.

Examples include Torchbearer's Fire Aura, Rook's God Strength, Regulus's Maim.


Mode skills are a combinate of Active and Passive skills. Mode skills are typically used to indicate a Demigod is switching forms, trading one set of Active skills for another, however they may also have additional benefits and drawbacks. Mode skills generally consume no mana.

Examples include Torchbearer's Relive the Immolation/Frozen Heart, Queen of Thorns' Open/Close, and Regulus' Angelic Fury.