Slow and powerful melee Assassin.
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The Rook is an Assassin-type Demigod. Literally a moving castle, he is equipped with a giant hammer, and carries two towers on his shoulders and a Trebuchet on his head. The Rook's abilities are comprised of defensive skills, siege weaponry. The Rook is the poster guy for Demigod, and appears on the game's cover.

Description Edit

Strengths Edit

Very durable
Many independent weapons

Weaknesses Edit

Large target
Slow movement speed

The Rook is big and bulky. He will never evade attacks, especially another Rook's Hammer Slam. He will always be the last Demigod to be deployed into battle, and generally, will never be able to flee a battle. You can offset these weaknesses with the use of teleport scrolls.

Play Style Edit

The Rook is a slow-moving Demigod who crushes enemies with his hammer. He is a dangerous melee fighter and does not fall easily. He can upgrade himself to gain additional weapons that target enemies independently, and he can raise Towers of Light to defend an area. When he is low on health, the Rook can drain material from structures to heal himself.

The rook's abilities drain little mana, but he has a small mana pool, making him quite dependent on it. It is recommended to start the game by buying equipment which will boost his mana pool and mana regeneration. If done right, then you will be able to use your abilities non-stop (your mana will regenerate faster than your cooldown)


Rook Skill Tree

Rook Skill Tree

Active Edit

Hammer Slam Hammer Slam - The Rook slams his hammer, dealing large damage in a small radius and lesser damage in a larger radius.

Dizzying Force Dizzying Force - Enemies that survive The Rook's Hammer Slam are dazed, their Movement Speed reduced by 50% for 3 seconds.

Power of the Tower Power of the Tower - The Rook pulls a Tower of Light from the ground to defend the area. Each level of tower is stronger than the previous one.

Energizer Energizer - The Rook drains the energy of structures. When he uses Structural Transfer, his Mana Per Second is increased by 150% for 10 seconds.

Structural Transfer Structural Transfer - The Rook rips a structure apart for health.

Boulder Roll Boulder Roll - The Rook rips a chunk of the earth and hurls it at enemies ahead of him, dealing damage, stunning, and throwing smaller units into the air.


Archer Tower Archer Tower: The Rook builds an arrow tower on his left shoulder which fires automatically. A bit weak, and mostly just a prerequisite for Tower of Light

Tower of Light Tower Of Light: The Rook builds a tower of light on his right shoulder which fires automatically.
Trebuchet Trebuchet: Builds a trebuchet on the Rook's back. Useful for destroying towers while doing other stuff.
Poisoned Arrows Poisoned Arrows: The Rook's Arrow Tower now fires poisoned arrows.

God Strength God Strength: The Rook calls upon divine might, increasing his standard attack by 50 each rank.

Enhanced Attributes Enhanced Attributes: Improves attributes of the Rook.


Demolition Man Rook (Guide)

Despite being categorized an Assassin, the Rook excels in the support role. Read this guide to find out how to crush the enemies' base in record time.

The True Rook BuildEdit


Main article: Rook Lore

Mard Hammerhand came to the aid of the wretched Belronders at their darkest hour. Their hill-kingdom had been all but annihilated by the armies of the Vlemish and the Plenor, the two giant kingdoms between which it was sandwiched. Mard, a hearty and cheerful warrior who carried a hammer the size of a birthday breadloaf, offered his services to the Fathers of Belrond. He was a skilled quarry-man and builder, and showed the Belronders how to mine the granite underneath Greymount Hill.

Under Mard's direction, they used these giant stones to erect a great keep. Almost as soon as it was completed, the stronghold witnessed two separate battles, first against the Vlemish and then against the Plenor. To their surprise, the Belronders trounced both armies, not least because Mard was an inspired captain and a ferocious warrior. The Belronders rejoiced, and saw Mard as a member of their family.

The Vlemish and Plenor, reeling from their separate defeats at the hands of the Belronders, joined together to send an elite army to finish off Mard and his keep. Just before nightfall on the first day of the battle, Mard was felled by a ballista and dragged back to the keep by his seconds. To satisfy Mard's final request, his body was placed on a bed in the keep's central tower. The Fathers of Belrond despaired. Their anguish only deepened when they discovered Mard's body had somehow disappeared during the night.

The next day, as Belrond's army prepared to be slaughtered, the keep suddenly began to shudder. Slowly, the structure rose and reshaped itself, taking the form of a great stone giant. The walking castle attacked the invading armies with a huge rocky hammer, routing them completely. When its work was finished, the giant returned to its perch on Greymount Hill and settled back into place. Returning to their keep, the Belronders found Mard's body lying in its bed, a wry smile on its face.

His body was never moved, and his smile never faded.


  • Upon death he deals 200 damage to enemies in a range of 10
  • If Rook's weapon damage is above 250, his attacks gain cleave.

Achievements Edit

Award Requirements
Rook the Ascendant Win the SP tournament.
Rook the Initiate Win a game.
Rook the Veteran Win 25 games.
Rook the Master Win 250 games.
Rook the Butcher Kill 50 Demigods.
Rook the Slayer Kill 500 Demigods.
Rook the Annihilator Kill 5,000 Demigods.
Rook the Underdog Kill a Demigod 10 levels above you.
Rook the Bully Kill a Demigod 10 levels below you.
Rook the Exterminator Kill 25 Demigods in a single game.
Rook the Manhandler Deal 750,000 points of damage in a single game.
Rook the Almighty Reach level 20.
Rook the Tourist Win a game on every map.
Rook the Millionaire Earn 1,000,000 gold.
Rook the Shopper Buy 1,000 items.
Rook the Patriot Capture 1,000 flags.
Tower of Power Summon 100 Towers of Light.
All Your Base Are Belong To Rook Drain 100,000 Health with Structural Transfer.
King of the Castle Kill 1500 enemies with your castle upgrades.
Turkey! Bowl down your enemies 300 times with Boulder Roll.
Lets Get Hammered Kill 10 Demigods with Hammer Slam in a single game.
Almighty Backhand Slap your enemies for 2,500,000 points of damage.

Miscellaneous Edit

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