Demigod Wiki
Not to be confused with the units that are summoned with Idols., which are known as Minions.

Reinforcements (sometimes called creeps) are any of the units that come out of portals and follow a set path towards the enemy Citadel. Reinforcements on the Forces of Darkness are red and black, while those on the Forces of Light are blue and white/silver. These reinforcements compose the teams' armies; their actions include hampering opposing demigods and providing them with experience, attacking enemy buildings, and dueling with the enemies' reinforcements.

Reinforcements can be purchased from your team's Citadel for some gold, provided your War Rank is high enough. There are also damage upgrades for reinforcements to be purchased at the Citadel.

It is generally recommended to not get the purchasable reinforcements as soon as they are available. This is because Priests and Angels do not provide much of a benefit considering that they are giving the enemy demigods free experience. It is typically regarded as a good strategy to save enough gold for Priests, Angels, and Catapultasaurii (10200 gold) until the team's war rank is 8 and Catapultasaurii can be purchased, though keep in mind that the cost of all 3 units can be spread across the team with proper coordination.

The reinforcements in Demigod are:

Name Image Cost to unlock Required War rank Description
Soldiers Soldiers Free 0 Soldiers are the basic reinforcements. They don't deal much damage, but they should still not be ignored. They are most useful when they are protecting the backline Archers and Priests.
Archers Archers Free 2 Archers are fragile, ranged units. They die very easily and are most effective when they are supported by frontline melee troops.
Priests File:Priests.jpg 1800 gold 3 Priests heal all nearby units, including demigods and other priests. However, they deal very little damage, so they generally need protection from soldiers or demigods.
Angels File:Angels.jpg 3600 gold 5 Angels are aerial units that swoop down and inflict melee damage. With their high agility Angels can be considered scouts amongst the Reinforcements.
Catapultasaurii File:Catapultasaurii.jpg 4800 gold 8 Catapultasaurii specialize at medium-ranged assault. They throw massive rocks with their tails, which deal splash damage and are very effective against groups of units and buildings.
Giants File:Giants.jpg 6000 gold 10 Giants are big, brawling melee units. They don't move very fast, but they deal large damage and are very effective against buildings with their large clubs.