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Oak places a ward that attracts the souls of the fallen. Units that are slain near the ward have a chance to be converted to a spirit under Oak's control.
Raise Dead Ward

LevelNameMana CostCast TimeCooldownRangeAreaEffect
Level 1Raise Dead Ward I200 mana0.2s5s525Chance to Convert 30%, Max Spirits 3, Max Wards 1, Spirit Bonus Damage 0, Spirit Bonus Health 0
Level 4Raise Dead Ward II200 mana0.2s5s525Chance to Convert 45%, Max Spirits 5, Max Wards 2, Spirit Bonus Damage 4, Spirit Bonus Health 75
Level 7Raise Dead Ward III200 mana0.2s5s525Chance to Convert 60%, Max Spirits 7, Max Wards 3, Spirit Bonus Damage 8, Spirit Bonus Health 150
Level 10Raise Dead Ward IV200 mana0.2s5s525Chance to Convert 75%, Max Spirits 10, Max Wards 4, Spirit Bonus Damage 12, Spirit Bonus Health 250


  • Levels 3 and 4 of dead ward provide a hidden Guardian Aura bonus with a range of 20. Bonus is +200 armor for level 3 (stated in-game as 250) and +400 armor at level 4 (stated in-game as 500).

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