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Queen of Thorns
Queen of Thorns
General with ranged base attack,
area damage, healing and shield skills.
Health & Armor

The Queen of Thorns is a General-Type Demigod.


Heavy siege damage
Powerful area damage


Abilities limited by mode
Very mana dependent

Play Style[]

The Queen of Thorns journeys across the battlefield atop a twisted beetle-chariot. When her rose-pedestal is open, she is a force to be reckoned with, skewering armies with forests of spikes and uprooting structures from beneath. When her rose is closed, she summons an army of tree-like Shamblers to fight and die in her name. Dying enemies fuel her, increasing her power.


Queen of Thorns Skill Tree

Queen of Thorns Skill Tree


Summon Shambler Summon Shambler - Queen of Thorns summons ranged units to fight for her. Once at rank 3, she can command four of these units at once.

Mulch Shambler Mulch Shambler - Queen of Thorns sacrifices an allied Shambler, detonating the body in a shower of thorns, as well as restoring her health.

Bramble Shield Bramble Shield - Thorns form a shield around an allied unit, absorbing damage.

Open Open - Queen of Thorns comes out of her flower, granting access to devastating magical spells.


Close Close - Queen of Thorns sinks into her flower, granting her enhanced Armor, Mana regeneration, Health regeneration, as well as adding splash damage to her standard attack. It also grants her access to an array of defensive abilities.

Ground Spikes Ground Spikes - Queen of Thorns radiates a forest of spikes around her, dealing damage and lowering enemy armor.

Spike Wave Spike Wave - Queen of Thorns sends out a powerful wave of spikes, dealing damage to anyone skewered as well as slowing their movement.

Uproot Uproot - Queen of Thorns sends her vines deep beneath the earth to destroy target structure's foundation, dealing damage over time.

Violent Siege Violent Siege - Uproot shakes the structure so furiously, portions of the building are dislodged, damaging enemy units nearby.


Compost Compost - As nearby enemies die, their bodies nourish Queen of Thorns. For every 3 enemies killed, Uproot increases in damage. Her Shamblers gain Weapon Damage and Health. The effects cap at 9 enemies killed, and the effects diminish over time.

Entourage Entourage - Increases Shambler Health and damage.

Goddess of Thorns Goddess of Thorns - Queen of Thorns gains further mastery over nature. When she uses Ground Spikes, thorns encircle her, reducing damage taken by 15% for 10 seconds. Whenever she uses Bramble Shield, thorns encircle her and her army, dealing 35 damage to attackers for 20 seconds.

Morale Morale - Each level of Morale increases your Minions' attributes.

Tribute Tribute - Queen of Thorns demands tribute from her subjects.


  • Shamblers attack with a line of spikes, which damage everything in their path.
  • Uproot deals very heavy damage to structures.
  • Bramble Shield absorbs a limited amount of damage, but the shield lasts a long time.
  • Queen of Thorns' Open abilities help her push a lane. Her Closed abilities help her hold the line.
  • Ground Spikes will destroy reinforcements that surround Queen of Thorns.
  • Queen of Thorns can Mulch Shamblers that are about to die for a quick boost.
  • The shop has special idols that allow Queen of Thorns to summon more minions.


Queen of Shields (Guide)

A guide to using Queen of Thorns in a supportive tank role built around Bramble Shield.

Queen of Thorns: The Assassin (Guide)[]

QOT Assassin guide.


Main article: Queen of Thorns Lore

The faeries of the forest were invisible to men, but were as plain as the sun to small creatures and growing things. The faeries did not rule the forest, but they influenced it in countless ways to help maintain a perfect, delicate balance. By asking nicely, they earned the obedience of all things that grew or moved.

Then a red-haired faerie was born, and she was different from the others. She seemed heavier, more substantial than her sisters. As she grew older, she found that when she walked in the field, her feet crushed the grass while other fairies lilted along without moving a single blade. After several attempts at helping things to grow ended in disaster, she was finally assigned to insect duty -- the durable carapaces of centipedes and ladybugs withstood her harsh treatment, and for her part she seemed to have a special affection for things that skittered and stung.

One day, she happened across a man in the forest. She was surprised to discover that the man could see her. She also learned that she exerted great influence over the man, and that her nakedness somehow contributed to his agitation. Finally losing control of himself, he seized her. She had little time to resist, since the color quickly went out of his face and he dropped to the ground, dead. She felt his life force flowing inside her like some drug, and was exhilarated. She now saw that she had special gifts.

The red-haired faerie was flushed with the possibilities. No faerie had ever thought to make demands of the forest-dwellers, and she was suddenly angered by her sisters' naivete and condescension. Thenceforth, she never moved through the forest on her own feet, riding instead upon a rose-chariot that stood upon the backs of four great beetles. In another break with faerie tradition, she gave herself a name: The Queen of Thorns.

As more searchers came to the forest in larger, better-armed groups, the Queen of Thorns commanded the elm trees to uproot themselves and savage the attackers. This they did, even though by these exertions they brought about their own deaths, for they could not get their roots back into the ground.

Coming upon the piles of dead men and trees, her sisters saw that a monster had grown in their midst. They gave her a choice: she could take her own life or leave the forest forever.

Wishing them all long winters, the Queen rode her insect-chariot away, leaving a crushed swath of fallen flowers in her wake.


  • Upon death, she has 2 effects depending on which mode she was in:
    • Closed: -25% movement speed for 5 seconds
    • Opened: -10 Health per second for 10 seconds.


Award Requirements
Queen of Thorns the Ascendant Win the SP tournament.
Queen of Thorns the Initiate Win a game.
Queen of Thorns the Veteran Win 25 games.
Queen of Thorns the Master Win 250 games.
Queen of Thorns the Butcher Kill 50 Demigods.
Queen of Thorns the Slayer Kill 500 Demigods.
Queen of Thorns the Annihilator Kill 5000 Demigods.
Queen of Thorns the Underdog Kill a Demigod 10 levels above you.
Queen of Thorns the Bully Kill a Demigod 10 levels below you.
Queen of Thorns the Exterminator Kill 25 Demigods in a single game.
Queen of Thorns the Manhandler Deal 750,000 points of damage in a single game.
Queen of Thorns the Almighty Reach level 20.
Queen of Thorns the Tourist Win a game on every map.
Queen of Thorns the Millionaire Earn 1,000,000 gold.
Queen of Thorns the Shopper Buy 1000 items.
Queen of Thorns the Patriot Capture 1000 flags.
Summoner Summon 150 Shamblers in a single game.
Demolitioner Uproot 150 structures.
Prickly Kill 50000 enemies with Spike Wave and Ground Spikes.
Entangler Deal 7,500,000 points of damage with your Shamblers.
Packing Heat Kill 50 Demigods while in Packed form.
Not a Delicate Flower Kill 50 Demigods while in Unpacked form.



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