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1.00.93 - April 22 2009 - Changelog :

  • Added check in Pantheon and Skirmish games to detect if host has cancelled or all the other human players quit, and pops up a message if this happens so that you can cancel instead of being stuck. GPG is working on the other side of this fix to make it so that you won't have to cancel and the remaining human players can continue to the game.
  • Tweaked NAT punchthrough settings to try and make success more likely
  • Put in a proper error message for the case when the player quits rather than generic “Disconnected from NAT”
  • Put in a proper error message for the case when someone who started a pantheon game quits before others get in (should largely take care of the staring at the connecting thing forever).
  • Added additional check in the connection code to make sure that both players have connection data for each other before handing off the connection data to Demigod, which may prevent unidirectional
  • Fixed the connection dialog to refresh the players connecting more aggressively.
  • Optimized Friends list code for people with no friends
  • Messages for Disconnected from NAT facilitator now contain more useful information (disconnected because game was cancelled, game has already started, etc)
  • Reduced delay before allowing people in the lobby, which may cause more people to get in the lobby without being connected to all players.
  • Fixed an incompatibility between Direct3D and the Overlay which would cause players to crash, particularly on alt-esc.
  • Ground work for UDP Proxy, you should notice connections being faster and better if you’re in Europe.

1.00.93 - April 16 2009 - Changelog :

  • Connection dialog now allows the host to eject players trying to connect.
  • New NAT Connection Server now isolated so not affected by general server load resulting in much faster, better connectivity.
  • Eliminated check for update on launching the game
  • CVP calls asynchronous (a server hicup on our side is a lot less likely to cause users to be disconnected)

1.00.91 Released - April 14 2009 -

Comment: Only a draft