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Oak, or Thanos the immortal as he was once called

This is a guide for the Demigod The Oak

This is a guide on how you can make oak the ULTIMATE balance between assassin and general? By using his build based on my special Holly Warrior/Crusader skill build system.


It works very simply. The main immportance is the gear. Ive listed the essential gear needed:

  • Duelist's Cuirass
  • the Godplate
  • Gaunlets of Brutality
  • Unbreakable Boots


For trinkets, I go with these:

  • Warlord's Punisher
  • Warpstone

I also use the "Orb of Veiled storms". If you want to use a favor item, go with "Wings of the Seraphim." Also, be sure to use only the rank IV minion idols.


Next, skill builds. This is obviously the most immportant part of a Demigod strategy, so I saved it for last.

-be sure to always invest in "Raise Dead Ward" until its at maximum level

-Invest in Penitence for a bit, its good for huntings demigods

-Shield is not very immportant to this strategy, but its still usefull

-Surge of Faith is crucial for destroying towers and fortresses.

-If you ever get to being able to use "Last Stand" use it and invest as much as you can.

-Soul Power a must-use

On a side note, let it be known that I strongly suggest investing in your citadel. It is the key to a quick victory.