Melee General that enhances his allies and raises the dead.
Health & Armor

Oak is a General-type Demigod. His abilities focus around summoning spirits and protecting allies.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Active[edit | edit source]

Raise Dead Ward.png Raise Dead Ward - Oak places a ward that attracts the souls of the fallen. Units that are slain near the ward have a chance to be converted to a spirit under Oak's control.

Soul Frenzy.png Soul Frenzy - Oak has a 5% chance of inciting his Spirits into a berserker rage, increasing their attack speed by 25% and letting their attacks throw smaller units into the air. The effect lasts 10 seconds.

Penitence.png Penitence - Oak fills a target with holy remorse, dealing damage, reducing their Movement Speed by a percentage and increasing all damage taken by a percentage for a limited time.

Shield.png Shield - Oak grants a shield to a target, making them immune to damage.

Purity.png Purity - When Oak uses Shield on an ally, all of his negative effects are removed, and he is immune to all negative effects for 6 seconds.

Surge of Faith.png Surge of Faith - Oak releases a wave of holy power, dealing damage to enemies. Increases allied unit attack speed and movement speed for 7 seconds.

Passive[edit | edit source]

Last Stand.png Last Stand - The spirit of Oak refuses to leave a battle unfinished. Should he fall, he will enter an invincible berserker fury, increasing his damage, move speed, and attack speed for 10 seconds before dying

Soul Power.png Soul Power - Oak's determination to his cause grows, increasing Weapon Damage. Also, Oak gains additional Weapon Damage based on the number of spirits he has.

Divine Justice.png Divine Justice - When Oak kills a target, he and his allies receive Health and Mana equal to a percentage of the unit's maximum Health.

Rally.png Rally - When Oak kills a demigod, he and his allies receive 500 armor and heal 1000 Health over 5 seconds.

Morale.png Morale - Each level of Morale increases your Minions' attributes.

Guides[edit | edit source]

Basic Oak Tactics (Guide)

A short list of basic Oak tactics.

Spirit General Oak (Guide)[edit | edit source]

A comprehensive guide to play an Oak focusing on using Spirits to his best advantage. This guide makes a point of being flexible and offers a base build from which it branches in two different directions, allowing for tactical diversity.

Assassin Oak (Guide)[edit | edit source]

A guide to using Oak without spirits. Rather, make him a strong front-line with good Demigod slaying abilities.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Upon death, he refreshes the ability cooldowns of allied Demigods in a radius of 10.

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