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General-type Demigods have access to Minions - helpful units similiar in power and ability to Reinforcements. Unlike Reinforcements, however, Players are able to control their Minions directly, issuing Move and Attack commands the same way they issue such orders to their Demigod.

By default, players can select all their current Minions by pressing the 'm' hotkey. Alternatively, pressing the 'n' hotkey selects all Minions and the Demigod. Players may press the 'i' hotkey to select only Unique-type minions.

There are 4 types of Minions - Priests, Archers, Melee, and Unique minions. Players are able to summon 2 Priests, 2 Archers, and 2 Melee minions at once. Unique minions are limited by the Skill that creates them.


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Priests cast a heal spell every five seconds on allied units. Priests will target nearby injured Demigods over reinforcements or minions, but otherwise heal indiscriminately. Although they are not combat units, they are relatively tough and have a strong, short ranged attack.

A unit healed by a Priest unit gets an 8 second marker, preventing them from being healed by other Priest units until the marker expires - a single target can get healed once every 8 seconds at best.

Priests in range of an allied Sedna with Healing Wind rank 2 have enhanced healing abilities.


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Archer minions are medium range units with moderate damage and attack rate. They are adept at damaging enemy reinforcements and Demigods. Archer minions are also able to attack Towers from outside their attack range, allowing them to slowly but safely destroy towers. Be aware that Archer minions occasionally miss their targets.


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Melee Minions are stronger variations of the basic Soldier Reinforcements. While they are hampered by requiring melee range, and less-than-impressive damage, they have increased Health and Armor compared to the other Minions.


Unique Minions vary in statistics and purpose depending on the Demigod that summoned them. These Minions are always summoned from a Skill rather than an Item. Unique minions often have passive skills to improve their performance, beyond the Morale skill.


  • Priests, Archers, and Melee Minions are purchased at the regular shop as an Idol.
  • Killing a Minion grants 0 Experience and Gold.
  • Certain Equipment Items improve Minion statistics.