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2 Vs 2 Maps[]


Main article: Crucible

Crucible is a 2 Vs 2 map.

Crucible is the smallest and simplest map in Demigod, with only 1 portal per side, 1 primary pathway for reinforcements and 3 contested flags in the middle. All of the contested flags are located along the center line of the map.


  • 1 Portal per side

Contested Flags

  • Experience Flag
  • Celerity Flag
  • Gold Mine Flag

3 Vs 3 Maps[]


Main article: Cataract

Cataract is a 3 Vs 3 map.

Cataract is a medium sized map built upon multiple pathways at right angles. It contains 3 contested flags along the center line of the map and numerous other flags and towers that must be defended.

Each team has 2 portals at opposite sides of their bases. The reinforcements walk out from the portals and join up at the center pathway to turn toward the opponent, but then they split again at the first intersection to continue up the left and right pathways to the next intersection. They continue this zigzag pattern across the map and into enemy territory.


  • 2 Portals per side


Main article: Prison

Prison is a 3 Vs 3 map.

Prison is a small map and the only map in Demigod designed around wide open spaces. The 3 contested flags are all located along the center line of the map like Crucible, but unlike crucible this center is a wide expanse of territory with no separation, walls, paths or towers.

The Portals are located on the sides of each team's base and the units walk out from portal toward the middle of the base. They then make right turns to walk toward the opponents base in 2 parallel paths, separated by a short distance.


  • 2 Portals per side

4 Vs 4 Maps[]


Main article: Exile

Exile is a 4 Vs 4 map.

There are 4 contested flags on this map, two gold mine flags in the middle and two regeneration crystal flags on the far left and right (by the hands of the statue)

There are 2 additional flags, each at the apex of each 'loop' of the snakes body (top right and bottom left in the picture opposite. Each one of these flags is guarded by towers of light and archer towers.

Each base contains a citadel, an item shop, an artifact shop and a regeneration crystal. Demigods spawn in front of the regeneration crystal, which is in between the item and artifact shops.Exile is the only map without a capturable artifact shop.


Main article: Leviathan

Leviathan is a 4 Vs 4 map.

5 Vs 5 Maps[]

The Brothers[]

Main article: The Brothers
The Brothers

The Brothers is a 5 Vs 5 map.

It has two major lanes, upper and lower.


Main article: Mandala

Mandala is a 5 Vs 5 map.


Main article: Zikurat

Zikurat is a 5 Vs 5 map.