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Lord Erebus
Lord Erebus
Melee General capable of draining life.
Health & Armor

Formerly known as Vampire Lord, Lord Erebus is a General-type Demigod. He specializes in quick, evasive attacks, as well as commanding demonic subordinates. Lord Erebus is voiced by actor Lev Liberman .



Drains health
Can move quickly in and out of battle


Few ranged attacks
Very dependent on health

Play Style[]

Lord Erebus utilizes many skills that affect health; some steal from enemies, some increase health regeneration, some insidiously decrease the opponent's. He can also gain Night Walkers randomly whenever a unit dies.


Main article: Lord Erebus Skills
Lord Erebus Skill Tree

Lord Erebus Skill Tree


Bite Bite: Bites a target, draining life. The target's Armor and Movement Speed are reduced.

Mist Mist: Lord Erebus transforms into a mist, draining life from enemies to heal his allies. Maintaining this state slowly drains Lord Erebus' mana. Entering Mist removes all negative effects.

Bloody Haze Bloody Haze: Becoming somewhat permanently insubstantial himself, Lord Erebus is granted an armor bonus as well as a dodge bonus.

Mass Charm Mass Charm: Stuns all enemies around Lord Erebus.

Muddle Muddle: Enemy Demigods caught by Mass Charm's effects also have their cooldowns lengthened for a short time.

Bat Swarm Bat Swarm: Lord Erebus can teleport to a near location doing damage on his way.


Coven Coven: Lord Erebus can control more Night Walkers and their damage is increased. At max rank, he can control a total of 10.

Improved Conversion Aura Improved Conversion Aura: Lord Erebus has a higher chance of converting fallen enemies into Night Walkers when they die. This also increases their total health.

Army of the Night Army of the Night: This skill requires that both Coven and Improved Conversion Aura are both at max rank. His pack's attack speed is increased by 5% and their attacks drain life.

Poisoned Blood Poisoned Blood: Grants Lord Erebus' increased health regeneration. Furthermore, the potions that drop from killing Lord Erebus are now poisoned, harming those who drink them as opposed to healing them.

Vampiric Aura Vampiric Aura: Lord Erebus, and allies fighting near him, are granted vampiric attributes, stealing life relative to the damage they deal.

Morale Morale: Increases all attributes of Lord Erebus' minions


Erebus's Never-Ending Mist (Guide)

A guide to using Erebus' Mist for an extended period of time to farm creeps and avoid danger.

Vampire of all trades (Guide)[]

Army of Darkness (Guide)[]

A guide to using Erebus' minions to their full potential.


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  • Upon death, his allies gain 10% life stealing for 15 seconds.


Award Requirements Favor Points
Lord Erebus the Initiate Win a game. 50
Lord Erebus the Veteran Win 25 games. 100
Lord Erebus the Master Win 250 games. 200
Lord Erebus the Butcher Kill 50 Demigods. 100
Lord Erebus the Slayer Kill 500 Demigods. 150
Lord Erebus the Annihilator Kill 5,000 Demigods. 200
Lord Erebus the Underdog Kill a Demigod 10 levels above you. 150
Lord Erebus the Bully Kill a Demigod 10 levels below you. 50
Lord Erebus the Exterminator Kill 25 Demigods in a single game. 100
Lord Erebus the Manhandler Deal 750,000 points of damage in a single game. 100
Lord Erebus the Almighty Reach level 20. 100
Lord Erebus the Tourist Win a game on every map. 100
Lord Erebus the Millionaire Earn 1,000,000 gold. 150
Lord Erebus the Shopper Buy 1,000 items. 50
Lord Erebus the Patriot Capture 1,000 flags. 100
Silent But Deadly Kill 5000 enemies with mist. 150
King of the Suckers Gain 350 Night Walkers in a single game 150
Blood Bank Drain 500,000 health with Bite 200
What's Yours Is Mine Convert 7500 enemies into Night Stalkers. 150
Spike the Punch Trick 50 Demigods into drinking your Poisoned Blood.
Stunning the Masses Stun your enemies with Mass Charm 250 times. 100

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