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Helms are items that specialize in abilities. They usually provide Mana and Mana regeneration boosts, as well as usefull auras or decreased cooldowns.

Data correct for Helms as of January 13th 2010; Demigod 1.2.0

Scaled Helm[]

Scaled Helm
  • Cost: 550 Gold
  • +525 Mana
  • +4 Mana Per Second

An excellent starting item, especially for Demigods like the Unclean Beast or the Rook, who have a low starting amount of Mana.

Plate Visor[]

Plate Visor
  • Cost: 600 Gold
  • +35% Mana Per Second

A subpar item. Scaled helm usually generates more mana, increases your mana pool, and costs less. The only exception is Leviathan, which has some crazy high mana regeneration flags.

Plenor Battlecrown[]

Plenor Battlecrown
  • Cost: 1500 Gold
  • +1575 Mana
  • +70% Mana Per Second

An excellent helm, but should always be bought after Vlemish Faceguard.

Vlemish Faceguard[]

Vlemish Faceguard
  • Cost: 1750 Gold
  • +1050 Mana
  • +11 Mana Per Second
  • +4 Mana Per Second Aura
    • Range: 20

Theurgist's Cap[]

Theurgist's Cap
  • Cost: 2000 Gold
  • +10 Health Per Second
  • +35% Mana Per Second
  • +200 Minion Health
  • +3 Minion Health Per Second
  • 5% chance on being hit to reduce the target's Health Per Second by 50% and Mana Per Second by 50% for 10 seconds.

Vinling Helmet[]

Vinling Helmet
  • Cost: 3300 Gold
  • +1050 Mana
  • +70% Mana Per Second
  • 3% chance on being hit to restore 350 mana.

The second-most expensive Helm item available, the Vinling Helmet increases a Demigod's Mana and Mana Regeneration by a considerable amount. However, the less expensive Plenor Battlecrown provides a superior amount of Mana and the amount of Mana Regeneration, thus the proc effect accounts for the extra 1800 Gold.

Unless the proc proves especially useful, the Vlemish Faceguard is likely a superior Helm.

Hungarling's Crown[]

Hungarling's Crown
  • Cost: 5500 Gold
  • +700 Mana
  • +18 Mana Per Second
  • -25% Mana Cost Aura
  • range 20

Hands down one of the best mana items in the game. This helm will reduce the cost of all your skill, as well as your close allies, and will boost your mana regeneration.