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Health bar

The appearance of the health bar.


Health, represented by a green bar in the interface, and by a green/red bar when viewing the health of others, is what all creatures and buildings need to stay alive. Dealing damage to enemy Demigods, Towers, or reinforcements reduces health - reducing a target's health to 0 will cause it to die. Demigods that die will remain dead for a short period of time and then be rebirthed at the spawning point in their base.

Creatures' and buildings' maximum health can be increased by map flags or upgrades purchased from a Citadel. A Demigod's maximum health can also be increased by flags as well as purchasable items, skills, and by gaining enough experience to gain a level.

Recovering lost Health[]

There are various ways to recover health. The Demigods Sedna and Lord Erebus have skills to heal themselves and allies, while Priests have the ability to heal nearby units, and health crystals restore the health (and mana) of all nearby creatures and Demigods.

In addition, there are various items that grant additional health and health regeneration. Buildings are only able to regain health if the Fortified Structure upgrades are bought.

Additionally, when a Demigod dies, they sometimes drop a health or mana potion - Lord Erebus' skill Poisoned Blood will cause the seemingly-benign health potions to cause damage, often resulting in unexpected deaths.