Demigod Wiki

Demigod has multiple game types that revolve around completing different objectives in order to win. They are designed to keep the game interesting by mixing up the standard gameplay and forcing players to change their style to suit each match. In all cases destroying the enemy Citadel will win the game.


Conquest is the most common game type, and requires player to destroy the enemy team's Citadel before they can destroy theirs. Out of all the game types this one usually lasts the longest due the time, planning, and multiple pushes forward required just to reach the Citadel, let alone destroy it. The 30 second death penalty also contributes to the matches length.


Dominate is the Demigod version of Capture the Flag, with elements of King of the Hill mixed in. Dominate requires players to control flags for a certain amount of time to win. Every flag you control will add points to a meter at the top right corner of the screen. The more flags you control the faster the meter will fill. The first team to acquire 7000 points is the winner.


Slaughter requires the player to kill 10 enemy Demigods before the other team. This is one of the more simple game types, as it only requires players to kill enemies, something they would be doing anyways. The Assassin demigod is the most adept at this game type, especially the Unclean Beast.


Fortress requires players to destroy all of the enemy team's forts on the map in order to win. The number of forts on the map depends on the number of players the map is designed to support(ex: Cataract, being a 3 Vs 3 map, would have 3 forts for each team for a grand total of 6). Demigods built around building destruction such as the Rook excel at this game type.