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Releases a wave of frost, freezing all enemies around the Torch Bearer, stuning creeps and Demigods. They also slow down their movement.
Frost Nova

LevelNameMana CostCast TimeCooldownAreaEffect
Level 5Frost Nova I750 mana.9s15s15Stuns enemies for 6s, demigods for 1s. -10% movement speed debuff for 5s
Level 10Frost Nova II1000 mana.9s15s15Stuns enemies for 8s, demigods for 2s. -15% movement speed debuff for 5s
Level 15Frost Nova III1250 mana.9s15s15Stuns enemies for 10s, demigods for 3s. -20% movement speed debuff for 5s


  • This attack freezes everything around the Torch Bearer. The creep stun is quite long, while the demigod stun is mostly for interrupts until you buff it to 3 seconds at level 15. It is also a buff for Deep Freeze, making Frost Nova->Rain of Ice->Deep Freeze a good combo for the Torch Bearer.

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