Demigod Wiki

Favor is the single and only goal of a Demigod and represents how pleased the Ancients are with your performance.

The Demigod who gained the most favor with the Ancients would be named, raised, told of the words of power, and made an equal among the Ancients of the deep.

During a tournament, participants are ranked according to their earned favor. Within the Pantheon tournament all favor earned during a match is added to the total earned favor of your side.

A set of special items is available for purchase using favor as currency.


Favor can be earned through obtaining favor awards and getting achievements. The maximum amount of favor that can be earned in a single match through awards is 220.

Name Favor Awarded
Winner 75 Winning a match.
Participant 40 Losing a match.
Assists 15 Most assists on kills against enemy demigods.
Structures 15 Most structures destroyed.
Reinforcements 15 Most reinforcements killed
Damage 15 Most damage dealt to any unit or structure.
Deaths 15 Least deaths suffered.
Kills 15 Most enemy demigod kills.
Kill Streak 15 Most consecutive enemy demigod kills made without dying.
Flags 15 Captured the most flags.
Citadel upgrades 15 Purchased the most citadel upgrades.
Gold 10 Gained the most gold.