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Torch Bearer blasts a target with intense cold. Interrupts abilities and increases target's cooldown time. If the target is affected by Frost Nova or Rain of Ice, Deep Freeze consumes each effect and deals additional damage.
Deep Freeze

LevelNameMana CostCast TimeCooldownRangeEffect
Level 1Deep Freeze I350 mana0.1s15s18Interrupts. Cooldowns increased by 130% for 5 seconds. 100 damage per effect.
Level 4Deep Freeze II475 mana0.1s15s18Interrupts. Cooldowns increased by 160% for 6 seconds. 175 damage per effect.
Level 7Deep Freeze III600 mana0.1s15s18Interrupts. Cooldowns increased by 190% for 7 seconds. 250 damage per effect.
Level 10Deep Freeze IV725 mana0.1s15s18Interrupts. Cooldowns increased by 220% for 7 seconds. 325 damage per effect.


  • This is a single target, ranged interrupt. It also increases the cooldown time of the target for a noticeable amount. Combined with Rain of Ice, Frost Nova and Biting Chill can do up to 1050 additional damage and 1350 adding Fire and Ice.

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