Demigod Wiki

Damage is the amount of health lost due to a skill, attack, or spell. Dealing enough damage to reduce an opposing Demigod's health to zero will kill the Demigod. Damage is modified by many attributes, including armor rating, damage negated through a skill (such as Queen of Thorns' Bramble Shield), and percentage resistances offered by other skills and spells.

Total damage dealt, after all resistances and modifications have been accounted for, is shown as white text that briefly hovers over the enemy. Red text that floats over the Demigod you are playing signifies damage dealt to your Demigod.

Damage Bonuses[]

Bonus damage granted from items and spells stack together by first adding all flat damages to the Demigod's base damage, then one plus the bonus percentages added to each other, and finally multiplying the percentage total by the sum of the flat damage bonuses and base damage. In equation form:

(Flat Damage Bonuses + Base Damage) * (1 + Sum of Percentage Damages) = New Damage

For example, a Demigod has a base damage of 100 and items that grant 25, 50, 10%, and 15% extra damage. Putting these together would make:

(25 + 50 + 100) * (1 + 0.1 + 0.15)
175 * 1.25 = 218.75 = 219 Damage Rounded

The total is rounded to the nearest single digit. Keep in mind that this is not damage that will actually be dealt to an opponent as armor and other resistances have not been factored in.

Damage Range[]

Damage dealt does not pop out as one flat number over and over. There is a minimum and maximum damage range calculated after all bonuses have been applied. The range can be found as the damage listing in a Demigod's character window or by multiplying the base damage by 0.05, adding the product to the base damage for the maximum, and subtracting the product from the base damage for the minimum. For example, 100 base damage would have a damage range found by:

100 + (100 * 0.05) = 105
100 - (100 * 0.05) = 95

Thus, 100 base damage would have a damage range of 95 to 105. A shorter method would be to find the maximum damage by multiplying the base damage by 105% (1.05) and finding the minimum damage by multiplying by 95% (0.95).