Demigod Wiki

Version 0.53 (Beta 1C)[]

This beta build contains the following changes (highlights):

  • New Map * Atlantis; Waterfall map removed in this build.
  • Destructible Towers * Archer Towers and Towers of Light now crumble when destroyed.
  • New Citadel FX
  • Updated Skill Trees for the Demigods (not yet final)
  • Improved Selection System (not yet final)
  • Improved Creep/Minion Movement (not yet final)
  • Enhanced Tooltips (not yet final)
  • New Selection Indicators
  • AI Improvements
  • Lots of bug fixes and more.

NOTE: This build is still quite raw and Demigod balance is nowhere near final on those included.

Version 0.52[]

  • Modified cooldown times for Regulus and Rook.
  • Modified XP level values and the amount gained by capturing flags.

Version 0.51[]

The following are the major changes for the 0.50 build:

  • New temp assets for the gold mine
  • Stats have been removed.
  • Items show exactly what they do, rather than their stat boosts
  • Defenses add around the base, as well as near the stores and statue.
  • More sounds being added on a regular basis
  • Improved AOE targeting reticules
  • Improvements to the look and FX on the Waterfall map
  • Numerous performance optimizations

Bug Fixes:

  • Using tab to bring up the score box will show the correct levels for Demigods now
  • Trebuchet has found its texture. It had taken itself for a walk.
  • Numerous other small bug fixes throughout.
  • Regulus will no longer fire when running
  • Regulus will not have the same problems dropping mines in a crowd as before