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Oculus unleashes a bolt of lightning that arcs between enemy targets dealing damage to each.
Chain Lightning

LevelNameMana CostCast TimeCooldownDurationRangeDamageTargetEffect
Level 1Chain Lightning I450 mana0.3s7s0s20300Any EnemyArcs up to 3 times.
Level 4Chain Lightning II600 mana0.3s7s0s20450Any EnemyArcs up to 5 times.
Level 7Chain Lightning III750 mana0.3s7s0s20600Any EnemyArcs up to 7 times.
Level 10Chain Lightning IV900 mana0.3s7s0s20750Any EnemyArcs up to 10 times.


  • Chain Lightning will start from your selected target and will arc from there outside of your control.
  • Chain Lightning can be used on any enemy target. It will work on towers etc.
  • Chain Lightning can and will jump between living targets and towers and vise versa. So it could be use potentially to kill a fleeing Demigod via an arc chain.