Destructible BuildingsEdit

Tower of Light/DarknessEdit

  • Defensive tower that fires a powerful beam of light at a single enemy unit. 5600HP

Archer towerEdit

  • Defensive tower manned with archers. Fires at several units quickly. 3000HP


  • Defensive structure manned with archers. Can be upgraded with a trebuchet. 10000HP


  • Defensive structure manned with archers. 15000HP
    • This structure is only available in Fortress Game Types. If all your fortresses are destroyed your team will lose.


  • Seat of power for the team. If the Citadel is destroyed, the team has lost. Team upgrades may be purchased here. HP Varies based on mode and citadel level.

Indestructible BuildingsEdit

Crystal of HealthEdit

  • Demigods near the holy crystal will remove negative effects and regain Health and Mana per second.

Item ShopEdit

Artifact ShopEdit

  • A shop selling powerful and expensive artifacts.


Gold MineEdit

  • Produces gold every second for the team that controls it.
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