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Oculus unleashes a torrent of lightning beneath his throne, launching himself to a new position. Enemies caught underneath will take damage on lift off and landing. Smaller units are thrown into the air.
Blast Off

LevelNameMana CostCast TimeCooldownDurationRangeDamageAreaTarget
Level 1Blast Off I550 mana0.5s10s0s152004Any walkway
Level 4Blast Off II750 mana0.5s10s0s1635016Any walkway
Level 7Blast Off III950 mana0.5s10s0s1850016Any walkway
Level 10Blast Off IV1150 mana0.5s10s0s2065016Any walkway


  • Blast Off can be used offensively or defensively to move into or out of combat. Also it can be used to bridge gaps in some maps.
  • Blast Off's damage will work on any enemy target. It will work on towers etc.
  • Blast Off's damage occurs on take off and landing so if you launch in the same area you will get x2 damage.