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Lord Erebus bites a target, stealing health. For 3 seconds after the bite, the target's armor is reduced and movement speed is decreased.

LevelNameMana CostCast TimeCooldownDurationRangeDamageTargetEffect
Level 1Bite I350 mana0s7s3s8250Living OpponentsSteals 250 health, reduces armor by 250, slows by 15%
Level 4Bite II500 mana0s7s3s8425Living OpponentsSteals 425 health, reduces armor by 400, slows by 20%
Level 7Bite III650 mana0s7s3s8600Living OpponentsSteals 600 health, reduces armor by 550, slows by 25%
Level 10Bite IV800 mana0s7s3s8775Living OpponentsSteals 775 health, reduces armor by 700, slows by 30%


  • Bite is a good way to deal a significant amount of damage while recovering health, for relatively low mana cost.
  • Bite can only be used on living opponents. It doesn't work on towers etc.
  • Bite does not steal full health if it kills its target. In the case of skills like Shield and Bramble Shield, Erebus will still regain health, but will not do the damage.