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Basic Oak Tactics (Guide)


by ????

A short list of basic Oak tactics.

  1. Divine Justice skill makes Oak able to keep standing at front lines without healing stuffs and it even gains you mana too. This means you don't need to focus on mana recovery items from the start, just increase your maximum mana and fill it by hunting down the soldiers.
  2. Penitence is a nice skill to hunt demigods, but you will need to get enough movement speed to make the process more effective. The debuff from penitence increases all damage the enemy receives, so it is really important to smack the enemy with this skill before your allies use other damage dealing skills.
  3. Oak can get good melee damage with Soul power skill increasing it by 130 when 10 spirits are active. He also has the second highest attack speed and speed progression in the game, making increased damage items very interesting. Critical items are always welcome. Note that they stack so in a rare probability you can sometimes see over 5000 point of damage with equipping all the critical items.
  4. Divine Justice skill works with Demigods too, so if you feel you can kill the enemy demigod by stalking him inside enemy's towers, just go for it. If you succeed in killing an enemy demigod, you will receive huge amount of HP and MP through the Divine justice skill, so don't worry about running out. Shield if more safety is required.
  5. Divine Justice works with AoE, so items which cause AoE damage would be good for your HP and MP regeneration.
  6. While playing the game modes conquest or fortress, after having enough dmg you can go on a suicide attack on the enemy's fortress or citadel because the Last Stand skill will make you unstoppable. 10 seconds of invulnerability with 50% increased attack speed is enough to destroy the enemy citadel even if it has full HP, so long as you have all the critical items. Buildings are vulnerable to critical attacks, as well as enemy units.
  7. A good tactic to boost up the number of you Spirits, especially to get the full benefit of your Soul Power, is to max out your Death Ward and Surge of Faith. then, set up the ward and use Surge of Faith in a large group of creeps. Chances are, you'll get about 4-5 spirits and be able to continue forward. (You'll usually have about 6 spirits after the tactic, however.)
  8. Buying the Monk Idol item first is also a good tactic. This enables Oak to get right into the action immediately because the monks will heal damage that he takes. This is a good tactic until Divine Justice comes along, in which case buying the siege archers etc are good. This allows towers to be taken out early with little threat to Oak himself.