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Acid Beast (Guide)

Slow learner

by BiGFiSh

This guide advises on how to be an effective beast with Ooze


The Unclean Beast can be a fast and powerfull killer. His weakness is his life, so we have to fix that with items.


This Build is based on melee attack in addition with Ooze. To get a feared melee fighter get more health and especially health reg.

1.Ooze -> You start with Ooze, that's a great AoE skill (max it)

2.Inner Beast -> What you also need is Inner Beast(max it and get Acclimation)

3.Enhanced Attributes-> Your Attributes(max that too)

4.Foul Grasp -> Get Foul Grasp to interrupt your enemy or stop him to run away(only get the first level of that skill)

(5)Diseased Claws -> If your enemies are faster than you get that skill at first level or if you think you need it, max it

(6)now its in your choice. You can get Spite or Bestial Wrath, never tried what's better. Or you just max Foul Grasp and Diseased Claws

The Skillorder is your choice. Primary max Ooze, Inner Beast and your Attributes. If you think you need an interrupt skill, get Foul Grasp. If you have to slow down your enemies, get Diseased Claws(also a good choice to max it at the end).


Get only things that gives you health AND health regen. You don't have to offset Ooze at the start (because you can't) just try to get your health regen near to the health damage of Ooze to minimize it. I always start with Banded Armor and Scalemail. But instead of Scalemail you can also buy teleport scrolls and capture locks or potions. Later you can buy the Unbreakable Boots and Hauberk of Life. Don't buy items to get more mana, you don't need it.

Favor Item:

Blood of the Fallen

Item List:


You are now a hard melee fighter who can stand versus erebus bite build(if no one use potions), because you live long enough to outrange his mana and if he has no more mana he will die.(it will be close, but you should win). This build is also a great counter versus a minion build, because you can fight versus the enemy demigod and kill his minions while at it(with Ooze). Just look for the right position. If your enemy runs away with low health, use Foul Grasp, in combination with Ooze it's very useful(don't use it to get health).

Stand your man and fight, but don't risk to much and run early enough.