This page refers to the videogame Demigod. For the species of creatures known as Demigods see Demigod

Demigod is a video game developed by Gas Powered Games, the creators of Supreme Commander and Dungeon Siege. The gameplay consists of elements borrowed from both of those genres and is described as an action/RPG/RTS hybrid partly inspired by the Warcraft III map, Defense of the Ancients. The game gives the player the ability to choose certain heroes that rely on either their own power as a single unit or the power of creating multiple units.



Demigod launched with 8 demigods available and is expected to add 2 additional demigods a few months after release. There are two types of demigods available to the player. The Assassin type is made to be more of an RPG character that fights on its own. The General type is designed to be for RTS play as it can summon units to help fight alongside the General.

Demigod DG Type Alignment
Rook N/A Assassin Light
Unclean Beast UB Assassin Darkness
Torch Bearer TB Assassin Darkness
Lord Erebus LE General Darkness
Regulus Reg Assassin Light
Sedna Sed General Light
Oak N/A General Light
Queen of Thorns QoT General Darkness
Oculus Ocu General Light
Demon Assassin DA Assassin Darkness

Gold and experience points are earned as the player defeats the enemy and capture "nodes". As the player's Demigod levels up, the player also gains access to new abilities through the respective talent tree. Each Demigod has its own unique talent tree with a blend of offensive, defensive and team focused abilities.

GameStop's early release[]

On April 9, 2009, GameStop released Demigod before its original release date (April 14, 2009). In response, Stardock activated all pre-orders a day early from the planned release after returning to work on Monday April 13, 2009.


On April 15th, 2009, Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock released a status report, confirming that the multiplayer component of the game has had serious connectivity issues due to over 102,000 connections made by illegitimate copies of the game. This is as opposed to only 18,000 connections made at the same time from legitimate sources. This number of connections overloaded the game's server infrastructure, meaning it was almost impossible for legitimate players to play the game online.

What makes this level of piracy of greater interest is that Demigod has no intrusive DRM, and indeed Stardock is well-known for having a more lenient stance on DRM and hence ostensibly having plenty of community support. Brad Wardell has previously gone on record as stating that: "Don't let people who aren't your audience control the titles you make, and ignore piracy".

A range of measures have been undertaken by Stardock to return multiplayer connectivity back to normal for legitimate Demigod players, and these appear to be successful as of the third day of the game's release.

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