This page refers to the creatures known as Demigods. For the game demigod, see Demigod (game) Demigods are the sons and daughters of a god.



A fierce warrior who wanted to protect his people, Mard Hammerhand became the castle he helped build to defend his kingdom from invasion. While slow-moving, the Rook has powerful hammer attacks and strong defensive abilities.

Torch Bearer[]

The illegitimate son of the king's wife, the Hrundel Lightbearer was born with special powers. Eventually fearing him, the king tried to kill Hrundel and his friends with fire, but the Torch Bearer rose from the ashes killing everyone. The Torch Bearer focuses on strong damage with his fire and crowd control with his ice.


An angel tricked into a trap by the Grofflings, Regulus had his wings ripped off and was imprisoned. Freed by a kindly Groffling, Regulus recovered and learned to make weapons and armor. His original captors all died horrible deaths. Regulus focuses on ranged and surprise attacks.

Unclean Beast[]

Originally the demon son of a caravan trader created by an evil book, the Unclean Beast destroyed all his father's enemies, and eventually killed his father too. The Unclean Beast is a demigod that focuses on poisoning enemies.

Demon Assassin[]

Haderechi is a highly mobile melee Assassin fighting for the Forces of Darkness. The nemesis to Regulus, the Demon Assassin is extremely fast and lethal.


Queen of Thorns[]

Queen of Thorns is a faerie that is unlike any other. Visible to humans and holding the power to destroy life instead of nurturing it, she was banished from her kind for seeking power. She has abilities for protection, summoning, AoE damage, and destroying structures.


A near-immortal captain of Nimoth kings, Thanos was exiled for refusing an unjust order. Banished with his house to the Canyons of the Dead, Thanos stood strong and vigilante in protecting his people, earning him the name Oak. Oak specializes in spirits and party protection.


Born with extraordinary vitality, Sedna learned to commune with animals and the wild. Revealing her true healing abilities after being stabbed by a jealous spiritual caretaker, Sedna mounted her snow leopard and never returned. Sedna specializes in healing and support abilities.

Lord Erebus[]

A very special Night Walker, Erebus had special powers among them. He could withstand daylight, float, and kill from a distance. Unfortunately, he had a near-uncontrollable hunger. From watching humans he learned to make a suit that would keep him from descending into a hunger madness, allowing him to become the uncontested Lord of the Night Walkers. He has many skills that affect life, from stealing it, to regenerating it, to poisoning it.


Oculus is a Ranged General fighting for the Forces of Light. He is the blind King of the Minotaurs. Oculus has significant magical skill, but a great deal of his power comes from synergy with his army.

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